The Benefits of Joining an Online Writing Community

By February 8, 2021Problem Solving
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If you’re starting to dabble in writing professionally or already write for a living, it can be a lonely job. Working on any project for countless hours by yourself will negatively affect the quality of your work. Not to mention, the mental toll of isolation on your own well-being. To alleviate these issues, we recommend joining an online writing community. They are free, non-committal, and you may even make a friend or two. 

Why join a writing community? 

We can all use a little help once in a while. For writers, this is more of a necessity. You’re most likely your own worst critic. Luckily, people in these communities will certainly give you their genuine unbiased opinion. Good or bad, you’ll hear arguments for both. A positive writing community is a source for honest criticism and feedback that you can use to improve your work. 

When you undoubtedly find yourself with a case of writer’s block, go online for some motivation. Seeing other people’s work and chatting with like-minded individuals can inspire you to write. Sometimes a little online encouragement and a pat on the back is all you’ll need to continue writing. 

Is there a writing community for me?

Whether you’re working on a novel, an essay for school, or a document for work, there’s a community for you. Regardless of your skill level and experience, these communities are safe spaces where you can express your ideas. They can function as a support network ready to answer any of your questions. Do you need help with research for your next book? These communities can be great resources for information on any topic.

No matter what writing genre you’re into, there will be a specialized community for you to join. 

If you’re looking to promote your new book or recent blog post, some communities allow and encourage a little self-promotion. Are you looking for writing work? There are dedicated communities for sharing writing gigs and searching for writing opportunities anywhere in the world. 

Where can I find these writing communities?

There are many online writing communities that require a paid membership in exchange for access and additional resources. However, you can have the same benefits by joining established writing communities on free platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. Simply search for writing topics that interest you and you’ll certainly find a large community of people to interact with. Alternatively, you can search hashtags on social media platforms or comment on your favorite writing related blogs to start discussions. Feel free to comment here on our WriteWay Blog to talk to our users as well.

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