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By February 23, 2021Best Practices
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Starting a new project on the WriteWay Writer App is as easy as clicking on “New Project”. No need to come up with a title or name your file yet, just let your ideas flow freely. WriteWay provides you with one simple prompt, “Start typing”. Easier said than done, that’s for sure, but don’t let your lack of structure stop you. Get your ideas, as rough as they are, on paper as soon as possible.

Using an Idea Board for your Novel

One of the benefits of using the WriteWay App is the ability to catalogue thoughts and research on the fly. This can be done on the Writer App integrate Idea Board. Place character profiles, timelines, world-building, and other material you have developed for use on your novel. The WriteWay interface allows you to keep the Idea Board in view at all times for optimal use. No more going back and forth between your notes and losing your train of thought. 

Create a Novel Outline Dynamically 

As you let your stream of consciousness take over on the page, there is a method to the madness. When you write your novel in WriteWay, an outline is automatically created based on your headers and distinct paragraphs. This dynamic outline can be edited to make any necessary adjustments to your story structure. You can even drag and drop entire sections to rearrange your narrative. 

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Are you having difficulty getting your novel started? The problem might be your writing tools. If you’re looking for a new way to produce your next novel, consider trying WriteWay. Not your typical word processor, WriteWay helps you focus on your content by eliminating common writing distractions. Here are some tooltips to successfully write your novel using WriteWay. 

WriteWay Tooltips 

  • Add images to your Idea Board for visual inspiration 
  • Don’t worry about font or style, instead use the intuitive Text Class options to indicate the purpose of each piece of content
  • Do not delete any of your unused content, drag it to your Idea Board, it might come in handy later

Making WriteWay Work for You

The WriteWay team is excited to show you all the new features and apps we are cooking up to help you create better content. Sign up for our Waitlist to get notified immediately when new products and features become available. Our tools help you streamline your workflow by providing a clean interface and dynamic document creation.

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