How To Maintain Your Narrative Structure in 3 Easy Steps

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When writing a novel, especially if it’s your first book, it’s wise to build an outline of your narrative structure. You’ll be able to better plan your story and all the events in between. But, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. If you tend to lose the plot after a few pages, we can help you get back on track. With a few tips and the right tools you can easily maintain a narrative structure during your creative process. 

Making a Dynamic Outline

Regardless of what you’re writing, planning your thoughts ahead of time will make things a lot easier. There are many benefits to outlining before getting started. Building a roadmap will help you stay focused, allow you to avoid plot holes, and keep you motivated till the end. However, an outline shouldn’t constrain your story ideas. Therefore, your outline should be dynamic while maintaining a clear beginning, middle and end. 

Select a story structure:

For a seasoned novel writer, investing time in creating a comprehensive outline is a necessity, but isn’t the be-all end-all. Everyone tells stories differently, and you shouldn’t break your natural creative flow in order to accommodate a strict plan. A dynamic outline should contain crucial moments in your narrative, but how you get to these points is up to you. Whether you set up a chronological, nonlinear, or a parallel structure following multiple storylines, your outline should accommodate accordingly. 

What to focus on:

No matter what type of structure you outline, make sure to focus on your protagonists and their key conflicts. Outline around your main characters and specific events to avoid continuity errors. As a result, you can easily slot in a flashback or describe events from different perspectives while maintaining your narrative structure. 

Turn Ideas Into Outlines

An outline should be a living document that will expand and contract as you move forward. As you refine your story, you’ll need a way to manage all your ideas. The WhiteWay Integrated Idea Board is a space to keep draft ideas for later use. Whatever inspires you can be added to your notes such as images, paragraphs of text, audio files, and more. These ideas can then be easily dragged to your story and be updated on your outline instantly. 

Outline Creation Software

There are many pieces of software that can help you stay organized as you write your novel. The WriteWay Writer App Editable Dynamic Outline system structures your content automatically as you write. Your outline can be quickly restructured by simply dragging and dropping content where necessary. WriteWay makes it easy to organize your thoughts visually on your outline. As a result, streamline your workflow and improve your editing process while keeping track of your narrative structure. 

Making WriteWay Work for You

The WriteWay team is excited to show you all the new features and apps we are cooking up. Sign up for our Waitlist to get notified immediately when new products and features become available. Our tools help you streamline your workflow by providing a clean interface and dynamic document creation. Discover the WriteWay to get work done.

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  • Julie says:

    I really like the outline feature of the WriteWay app, in the past I would have to use multiple tabs with multiple Google Doc pages to keep track of my writing, my outline, my character sheets, etc. I appreciate the seamlessness of the WriteWay interface, despite it’s small kinks. There’s a lot of potential here.

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