4 Quick Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block is the bane of productivity and can derail a project in an instant. Whether due to a lack of motivation, fear of failure, or a perfectionist attitude, writer’s block can happen to anyone. However, instead of being your own worst critic, making excuses, and procrastinating, there are ways to get back on track. At the end of the day, the only way to beat writer’s block is to start writing. So here are some quick ways to get relief from the pain of writer’s block.

Start where you want

When you’re unable to continue your train of thought, your best bet is to move onto something else. Being stuck at the starting line is common for writers. Try skipping the introductions and get to the meat of your work. You can always come back later when your ideas are fully formed. The goal is to know where you’re going and then work backwards up to the point you got stuck. 

Give yourself a break

Don’t let that feeling of hopelessness consume you when you’re frozen in front of your work. Stop being so hard on yourself because that won’t solve anything. Go outside and get moving, or do anything else that you enjoy in order to reset your body and mind. Find an outlet you can focus on in an environment conducive to creativity. Listen to music, get something to eat, check social media, catch up on a show, or play a game. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help or get a second opinion by talking to a friend or colleague. They might have the solution you’re looking for to solve your writer’s block problem. Consider it research, and while you’re at it, take time to review your materials or outline for more creative inspiration. We recommend building a mind map to get the creative juices flowing. Check out our blog for essential mind mapping strategies. 

Keep track of your ideas

Prevent writer’s block by jotting down your thoughts as soon as inspiration strikes. You need a dedicated space to keep draft ideas for later use. Using a platform like WriteWay Writer helps organize information, keep it visible and ready for use before writer’s block happens. Anything can be added to your Idea Board such as images, text, audio files, and more. Simply drag and drop ideas into your content to avoid disrupting your creative process. 

Making WriteWay Work for You

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