How to Take Better Study Notes

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For most students, taking notes is a necessity. It’s a great way to absorb information and prepare for a test. Unfortunately, when time comes to review your notes, they can be lacking in both clarity and substance. Specialized note taking software such as WriteWay can drastically improve your ability to take quality study notes. We’re here to help improve your note taking capabilities with helpful strategies and the tools you need to succeed. 

Note Taking Systems

There are a lot of great ways to take comprehensive study notes. Here are some of our favorite techniques. 

Creating an outline before class: 

If you already know what will be covered in your next lecture, create an outline of main topics. As a result, you’ll be better prepared to take note of important information regarding each subject. However, you can’t do this if you don’t have prep time or if the topics are not made available. 

Writing on lecture slides:

Possibly the easiest way to take notes, but only if you have the right tools. You can print out your lecture slides and write on them directly. But that takes actual paper, which has its own issues. You can write directly on the slides with a tablet and stylus. But these gadgets can be pretty expensive. 

The most accessible way to write on your lecture slide is with a computer. Using Powerpoint tools on your laptop to make notes. But it’ll take some practice to click on the text tool, place it where you want on the slide, then make your notes. 

Be concise, abbreviate, and highlight: 

It’s very difficult to write verbatim everything an instructor is saying. Your best solution is to write all the information in a concise and abbreviated manner. Then highlight the important bits afterwards. However, this method is only as good as your ability to be concise and attentive during lectures. Investing in note taking software can streamline your study habits and improve your results. 

Best Study Notes App for Students

Your note taking abilities are only as good as the tools you use to take them. Unfortunately, standard word processors don’t provide any help writing your actual notes. In fact, their interfaces are more of a distraction than useful. Ideal note taking software for students should have a clean and organized way to take and categorize your notes. 

Writing platforms like WriteWay use a natural card system as you write to separate your thoughts in distinct sections. The minimalist design promotes focus and allows you to write clearly. As a result, WriteWay provides a note taking experience that will enhance your capacity to learn. 

Making WriteWay Work for You

The WriteWay team is excited to show you all the new features and apps we are cooking up to help you create better content. Sign up for our Waitlist to get notified immediately when new products and features become available. Our tools help you streamline your workflow by providing a clean interface and dynamic document creation. Discover the WriteWay to get work done.

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