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Optimizing Research Methodology Using Document Analysis

Organize and aggregate all your research material into easily searchable groups for quick reference and deeper insights.

Stop Sifting Through Documents

Performing academic or business research requires searching through multiple sources. WriteWay incorporates research tools into your natural workflow to reduce errors and increase productivity.


All research is susceptible to bias, but errors can be mitigated by performing systematic content reviews.

Rigorous research to summarize and extract useful information across a wide range of materials is difficult and time consuming.

By understanding the pitfalls of data gathering, a researcher can better address the biases found in any piece of research.
The WriteWay to do Research

The WriteWay Researcher App streamlines research methodology by using machine learning to perform document analysis.

Upload all your research material and the WriteWay Research App will make it instantly searchable by keyword, topic and other categories.

Artificial intelligence will take all the keywords found in your research material and suggest other relevant and related keywords.

View and create knowledge graphs automatically to illustrate the connections between each piece of information.

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