What is WriteWay?

Redefining Content Creation

Our Story: WriteWay was built upon the belief that anyone can write. To advance our vision, we develop applications that empower writers, researchers, and thinkers to achieve their content creation goals. Our team has engineered optimal workflow environments that remove traditional roadblocks that hinder most users. Join students, novelists, and business leaders in our online creative community. Discover a new way to create content with WriteWay.

Founder and CEO – Michael Zhou

As a founding member of the Alibaba Group, Michael was one of Jack Ma’s students during their University years. An accomplished Java Architect, he wrote the core code framework for what would become the online marketplace Taobao, China’s answer to eBay. Alibaba, considered to be the Amazon of China, Michael was instrumental in creating one of the largest commerce and technology companies in the world. He now takes his vast knowledge of software and web application development to empower creators through innovative new technologies. Michael started building WriteWay to make it easier for everyone to create content.

“Innovation happens when boundaries vanish, the skies clear, and inspiration is given space to exist. Our software is able to establish patterns from the seemingly random nature of drafting, formatting, and editing to enhance the writing and content creation process.”

MIchael Zhou
Our Vision

At WriteWay, we want to eliminate the everyday distractions in your workflow and guide content creators down a clear and productive path. We want WriteWay to become a modern example of function meeting natural form. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional, WriteWay will work with you, not against you. Unlock your creative potential with the tools and knowledge WriteWay has to offer.

Our Mission

Everyone gets easily distracted and sink deeper into procrastination due to our surroundings. We want to create tools that facilitate focus without sacrificing features. WriteWay becomes a natural extension of your creative process. From start to finish, WriteWay provides the most efficient content creation experience possible.

Meet The Leadership Team

Gabriel Jiang

Head of Research and Development

Elizabeth George

Head of Growth and Brand

Michael Zhou

CEO and Chief Vision Officer

Debra Matzner

Chief Financial Officer

Simon Tang

Chief Operations Officer

Customer Solutions

Perfect for students

WriteWay is designed to assist students with everyday educational tasks such as taking notes and writing essays. More than just a simple productivity suite, WriteWay is built to help students concentrate and improve the quality of their work. Our clean interface removes distractions in order to direct focus on lectures or assignments. The Card system allows students to separate and organize thoughts in a more natural way. Give it a try and start learning the WriteWay.

Start and finish your novel

Writing a book, especially your first novel, is difficult without proper planning. To help authors on this journey, WriteWay includes tools to make the writing process a little easier. WriteWay features an Editable Dynamic Outline system that structures your content automatically as you write. Your outline can be quickly restructured by simply dragging and dropping content where necessary. When inspiration strikes the Integrated Idea Board will manage all your thoughts as you refine your narrative.

Forget Format, Create Content

WriteWay provides a clean and minimalist interface that reduces on-screen distractions to help improve productivity.

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