4 Essential Mind Mapping Strategies

By March 29, 2021Best Practices
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A mind map is a versatile problem solving tool with a wide range of applications. Whether you’re taking notes for class, studying, or managing your business, mind mapping can help get your information in order. But without proper planning, your mind map can quickly turn into an incomprehensible mess of intersecting lines and word clouds. By following some of these simple strategies you can make the most out of your mind mapping experience. 

Keep it clean 

Don’t use multiple keywords and elaborate explanations to justify connections between ideas. This defeats the purpose of a mind map’s ability to free-associate thoughts and concepts together. Don’t write an entire essay in the margins of your mind map. Stick to one word per line connecting to a one word topic, then branching off into single word sub-topics. If you require more detail, simply create more branches, which gives you more opportunities to find connections.

Have room to breath

The radial structure of a mind map encourages exploring its different sections to learn and create new ideas. This diagram cannot be contained in a single piece of paper or fit neatly in a box. Before starting your mind map, ensure you have significant space to hold all your great ideas. Use long curved lines to create sub-sections with their own independent branches visually separate from the central idea. By creating distinct areas, your mind map will be easier to decipher at a glance. 

Play with color, size, and images

Use visual cues to organize your content by level of importance. Make central text larger, use different color lines to categorize connections, and add images to better visualize concepts. Our brains are more likely to retain information when presented with universal norms. Use visual indicators like bigger texts means better, or items of the same color belong together, as shorthand. These minor visual distinctions will help the reader concentrate on specific details the mind map is trying to convey. 

Manage your ideas

While brainstorming and performing word-associations, quickly jot down important information in a separate area like a WriteWay Idea Board. The key is to keep your notes visible at all times. The Writer App allows you to take ideas from your Idea Board and drag them into your mind map content. Whatever inspires you can be added to your Idea Board such as images, text, audio files, and more. Easily manage all your thoughts as you refine your mind map structure. 

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