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Company Profile

Founded: 2019
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Founder: Michael Zhou

WriteWay – Short Description

Discover a new writing experience designed to feel familiar while streamlining your existing workflow. WriteWay Writer provides a clean and minimalist interface that reduces on-screen distractions to help improve productivity. Our encrypted cloud-based system ensures security and constant connectivity while maintaining privacy. WriteWay uses an intuitive Drag & Drop card deck to help shape your content and includes all the traditional word processing features you know and love. Sign up for WriteWay Writer today and start your 7-day free trial.

WriteWay – Long Description

WriteWay is a content creation platform that optimizes your writing workflow. Developed by a team of writers, researchers, and thinkers, WriteWay was designed with creators in mind. Our unique card-based system and minimalist interface improves focus and increases productivity. Be ready when inspiration strikes with tools that organize your thoughts while enhancing your creative process. 

Ideal for a wide range of users and industries, WriteWay streamlines the way you work by automating document creation tasks. WriteWay’s Drag & Drop design allows you to seamlessly move notes between your content and the Integrated Idea Board. Our encrypted cloud-based system ensures security and constant connectivity while maintaining privacy. WriteWay includes all the traditional word processing features you know and love to help shape your content. 

We want to make content creation easier. With WriteWay, maintain your train of thought by eliminating distractions like margins and formatting. The flexible nature of our platform provides an efficient writing experience. WriteWay is the productivity suite that will make you more productive. Enhance your work environment with an intuitive word processor at

Quote Our Executive Team

Michael ZhouCEO & Chief Vision Officer

Innovation happens when boundaries vanish, the skies clear, and inspiration is given space to exist. Our software is able to establish patterns from the seemingly random nature of drafting, formatting, and editing to enhance the writing and content creation process.

Gabriel JiangHead of Research and Development

Despite advances in technology, how we develop, research and create content has stayed the same for generations. By looking at creative workflows across a wide range of industries, we want to use AI to improve the way everyone works.

Elizabeth GeorgeHead of Growth and Brand

Whether it’s a creative outlet or productivity tools to make a job a lot easier, people want new and efficient ways to express themselves. We want to position WriteWay as a natural extension to your everyday tasks.

Debra MatznerChief Financial Officer

Current business models have given people purchasing flexibility and an abundance of choice. We want to provide competitive pricing options for consumer and enterprise clients that surpass their expectations in the market.

Simon TangChief Operations Officer

Traditional productivity suites lack the intuitive functionality modern users search for in the products they interact with on a daily basis. At WriteWay, we are developing innovative software designed with the user in mind.

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WriteWay is a product of
Living Sky Technologies

At Living Sky Technologies (, we are committed to bringing your ideas to reality. We want people to focus on the quality of their content and forget the often messy formatting. The development team is dedicated to discovering ways to simplify the creative process. Our vision for ideal productivity software works to remove distractions and guide content creators down a clear and productive path. The LST goal is to make content creation as efficient as possible.

“What if your research didn’t draw you away from the page, or formatting didn’t drag out the process? We want to make tools that organize your thoughts while enhancing your creative process. WriteWay is that content creation platform that optimizes your writing workflow.”

Michael Zhou

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Elizabeth George – Head of Growth and Brand
Address: 555 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC, V7X 1M8, Canada