3 Quick Tips for Writing Better Business Emails, Brochures, and More

By January 5, 2021Best Practices
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A typical workplace creates and sends dozens or even hundreds of emails and other documents each day. However, without proper protocols, these business documents can be lacking in quality. To best represent your organization internally and to customers, consistency is key. Whether you’re creating emails, memos, or manuals, a well-crafted document will be more useful and less forgettable. With a few tips and the right tools, you can write effective office documents for all your business needs. 

Establish a Style, Tone, and Format

No matter what you’re writing at work, the goal is the same, to inform and persuade the reader. By following some simple writing rules, your documents will be clear and easy to follow. First, determine the type of document you’re creating and its intended audience. An email for a colleague should look and sound different from one for a customer. Your topic sentence or reason for the communication should be established immediately. 

The body of your work should contain supporting information regarding your initial statements. Avoid using anything considered a cliché or jargon unless relevant on a technical standpoint. Keep all your text short, using plain language and an active tone. This style prevents any unintentional ambiguity. Always try to end any document with a call-to-action, next steps to take, or a summary for the reader. 

Use a Consistent Template

When writing anything, planning ahead of time will go a long way. Even for smaller documents such as notes or emails, having a preset outline will streamline the writing process. A template will also help organize your thoughts during the creative process. Start a template by determining the recurring sections of general documents created on a regular basis. These can include letterheads, cover pages, tables, disclaimers, taglines, quotes, and more. 

Document Creation Software

If you don’t have time to make your own templates, consider using premade options. WriteWay features a Smart Template System for hassle-free document formatting. Once your content is complete, select a template and it will automatically format with the appropriate document hierarchies. This will save you time and let you focus on producing quality documentation for your business. 

Making WriteWay Work for You

The WriteWay team is excited to show you all the new features and apps we are cooking up to help you create better content. Sign up for our Waitlist to get notified immediately when new products and features become available. Our tools help you streamline your workflow by providing a clean interface and dynamic document creation. Discover the WriteWay to get work done.

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